Types of Treatments

The Clinic House offers a number of different treatments.


Additional Information

  • Non Invasive
  • Instant Results
  • No need for hospitalization or anesthesia
  • Very little discomfort
  • Elimination of fat through natural processes
  • Affordable
  • Results in as little as 20-60 mins per session

The Lipo Laser utilises the latest low level/cold laser technology to reduce girth and fat over almost all areas of the body without surgery, downtime or redness. A typical 40-minute waistline treatment can reduce an individual by ½ to ¾ of an inch while a full protocol of eight treatments usually results in multiple inch loss.

Laser safely penetrates the patients skin at a specific wavelength ( 650nm) targeted for Adipose ( Fat ) cells. Adipose cells are permeated releasing free fatty acids (FFA`s), water and glycerol. Together these compounds are known as Triglycerides. Triglycerides are normally released from fat cells when the body needs energy once released the glycerol and free fatty acids are used by the body as an energy source. Adipose cells shrink“ significantly resulting in inch loss for the patient. Exercise or a 10 minute Whole Body Vibration session is recommended immediately post Lipo Laser treatments to burn FFA`s within the body and help stimulate the lymphatic system.

A Consultation with the practitioner about the Lipo Laser and their goals and concerns will be required. Paddles are then placed onto body areas of a time that is discussed during consultation. The Treatment is to be repeated as necessary. Results are shown during the first treatment however; to gain maximum results 8-10 treatments depending on area will be needed.

The Lipo Laser’s non-invasive treatment is considered one of the most innovative methods to treat stubborn areas of fat that do not respond to diet and exercise. It is known as the laser BCS (body contouring system) World wide. Laser Lipo treatments help create a new and improved look without any pain or discomfort instantly. Most people are familiar with liposuction and some with the newer ‘Smart Lipo’ procedure. Laser Lipo however has some advantages over these due to the fact that there is no need for either local or general anesthetics.

Research has also shown that cavitation treatment carried out both prior and post laser lipo will in fact improve the results by first softening the fat cells prior to liposuction and then helping to even out the treated area afterwards. A Laser Lipo procedure can be completed in just 40 minutes and positive results can be seen, INSTANTLY after just one treatment. To secure the best results a course of 8 treatments is recommended. 


Laser Lipo FAQ

Is it painless and safe?

Yes it is completely safe and non invasive. Clients feel no pain except maybe some warmth. Laser Lipo technology has been studied for over 30 years for many biomedical purposes. FDA approved for pain and inflammation, this is an innovative technology for fat loss. 

How many sessions are needed?

2 sessions per week for 8 times per course. We do not advise more than 2 sessions per week as it is it can cause too much strain on the body to remove all the released fat at once. Any fat that cannot be metabolized by the body would then be restored resulting in minimum effect. 

How does the fat leave the body?

The released fat is used by the body as a source of energy. By avoiding fatty foods within 48 hours after treatment the body will use the released fat as energy rather than the food resulting in the weight staying off. 

How long does a session take?

 For skin types 1-3 treatment session can be from 20 minutes – 60 minutes maximum. The longer the treatment the better the result. However if combining with cavitation then the recommended time would be 40 minutes lipo followed by 20 minutes cavitation.

Skin Types 4-5 We recommend 20 minutes maximum for laser lipo as it can cause hyper-pigmentation if left on the skin for too long and to make up the remaining treatment time with cavitation between 20-40 minutes.

(1= Fair Skin)
(5= Dark Skin)

How much fat is expected to be lost in one session?

This depends on the individual. For example you can lose anything between 3-10 cm along your waist line (per session) 

Fat freezing


Additional Information

  • Non Invasive
  • Clinically Proven
  • No recovery time
  • Alternatives to liposuction

“Cryo Lipo” is a portmanteau of “cryogenic” and “lipolysis”. Generically the process can also be known as “Fat Freezing”.

Cryo Lipo is a non-surgical procedure treatment used to destroy fat cells. Its principle relies on controlled cooling to near sub-zero temperatures for non-invasive localized reduction of fat deposits in order to reshape body contours.

The exposure to cooling is set so that it causes cell death of subcutaneous fat tissue without apparent damage to the overlying skin. The procedure is billed as a nonsurgical alternative to liposuction.

Stubborn fat can be hard to get rid of, despite diet and exercise. The AW3® Cryolpolysis technology uses controlled freezing to target and break down the fat cells. In just a few weeks, these fat cells will naturally leave the body for good.

Fat Freezing FAQ

What is Fat Freeze?

Cryo Lipo known as Fat Freeze is a non-invasive treatment used to reduce unwanted fat by using near sub zero temperatures to kill the fat cells without damaging the surrounding tissues and nerves. 

How does it work?

The Cryo handle is applied to the treatment area targeted for fat loss. The handle uses advanced cooling technology to selectively target fat cells and freeze them. This procedure is known as apoptosis (controlled cell death) and is gradually eliminated from the body through the body’s natural waste disposal system.

When fat cells are subjected to being cooled below body temperature the freezing causes the fat cells to die followed by a local inflammatory response. When fat cells are exposed to extreme cold conditions, the body’s usual response is to restrict circulation to keep the core of the body at the correct temperature. Cryo Lipo makes use of a powerful vacuum which adds to the inflammatory response by drawing blood up to the surface layers of the skin killing the cells.

How many sessions are needed & how long does a session take?

One session is sufficient for most people, for most areas. Cryo has the advantage of not usually requiring a course of treatment. Depending on the thickness of the fat and your client’s personal goals, fat freezing may be repeated in the same area a second time, but is not always a necessary. If you choose that you would like a further reduction in the same area, preferable waiting time between sessions is approx 2 months. This is to give enough time to measure the effectiveness of the initial treatment. Clinical trial data has shown for most people, a 2nd treatment within about 2 months of the first does lead to greater reduction. 

A typical treatment takes 25 minutes maximum per area (Treatment time vary slightly depending on machine model/area). We advise the client to wait 20-30 days before they embark on a second session. This is to ensure they see the results from the first session and the body has time to remove the frozen fat cells. 

How does the fat leave the body?

The fat will gradually leave the body through the lymphatic system and this can take up to 30 days to for the body to remove. The results are not instantly seen, as the body has to work to remove the frozen fat cells. 

Is it painless and safe?

During the procedure clients remain comfortable and can resume back to work immediately after. Cryo Lipo is completely safe and non invasive. It's technology has been medically proven and there is no downtime following the treatment .

How much fat is expected to be lost in 1 session?

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Ultrasonic Cavitation

Additional Information

  • Painless
  • No Downtime
  • Just like a baby scan
  • Guaranteed results

Ultrasound-Cavitation Body Shaping is an aesthetic treatment. Using the leading AW3® ultrasonic-cavitation technology it converts fat cells into liquid which can then be naturally drained by the body’s own lymphatic system.

Cavitation is an excellent treatment for customers that want to reshape the body to achieve cellulite reduction and fat loss for areas with localized fat such as:

  • Thighs,
  • Abdomen,
  • Flanks,
  • Buttocks

Please note that although cavitation is popular for these areas there are no real limitations as to where it can be used on the body.

The AW3® hand piece that we apply to the skin transmits low level ultrasonic waves which consist of compression and expansion. The compression and expansion cycles travel at high-speed that causes many micro-bubbles that gradually enlarge. As these micro bubbles expand and contract the shock waves to the fat cells can no longer endure the pressure and explode. The fat explodes into liquid that is then easily removed from the body by the lymphatic and urinary system. 


Ultrasonic Cavitation FAQ

Is it painless and safe?

Yes, cavitation is a painless treatment. Mild redness may appear occasionally but will be highly unlikely to cause any actual pain. The heat from the hand pieces felt during the treatment is perfectly tolerable. This treatment is a nonsurgical procedure without anesthesia – it’s non-invasive and no downtime should be experienced after the treatment. 

Fat is a solid substance? How can it be eliminated through the urine?

Because ultrasound cavitation causes the fat cells to turn to liquid (emulsification) this makes it easier to leave the body through the lymphatic and urinary system.

How many sessions are needed?

2 sessions per week 8 per course per area. Any more than this (per week) and it would cause too much stress on the body to eliminate the fat. 

How long is a session?

Depending on the size of the area a typical treatment would take between 10-40 minutes 

Radio Frequency


Additional Information

  • Tighten Skin
  • Improves Collagen
  • Contract Pores
  • Wrinkle Reduction
  • Improves acne scarring
  • Non Invasive


AW3® Bi Polar and Tripolar are radio frequency technologies used to tighten and induce collagen production for skin tightening, wrinkle reduction, acne scarring and to minimize pores.
The radio frequency produces two or three currents depending on whether it is bipolar or tripolar which alternate high and low frequency currents no less than a thousand times per second. This heats the deeper skin tissues to promote blood circulation to tighten the skin. At the same time, the cooling measures are taken on the skin surface by applying cooling ultrasound gel.

The dermal layer of the skin is heated to maintain a normal temperature. Most of RF energy enters into the deeper dermal layer, so that deeper layers of skin can be heated up to 45 ℃ -60 ℃. The dermal layer of the skin becomes thickened, with the new collagen production and the wrinkles are pushed out, so the skin become firmer and the contours are lifted.

AW3 BIPOLAR AND TRIPOLAR uses radio frequency energy that causes the water molecules in your tissues to twist and vibrate. This motion causes friction, which creates heat at very specific areas deep in your skin.
This heat subsequently generates a focused wound healing response that can take up to 4 months to complete, that realigns and regenerates collagen in your skin to replace aging, sagging skin with fresher, younger skin (a form of Collagen induction therapy).

The AW3 BIPOLAR and TRIPOLAR uses two headpieces which provide controlled radio frequency energy for deep (up to 20mm) and superficial (2 – 6mm) penetration of RF energy.

The Tripolar hand-piece allows deep controlled penetration of RF energy and treats Skin tightening and collagen production by:

  1. Tightening the underlying tissues, which in turn causes a production of new collagen and pushes out any wrinkles.
  2. Increased blood circulation to the area to heal and repair the area.

The Bipolar hand-piece penetrates less deeply into the skin tissue and is ideal for use in facial tightening procedures, where the controlled heating at the desired penetration depth is perfect.

AW3 generally tightens, smooths and re-contours your skin from the inside out, which also rejuvenates your skin’s firmness and texture.

Radio Frequency FAQ

Is it painless and safe?

Yes 100% safe, RF is a painless treatment. Mild redness may appear occasionally but will be highly unlikely to cause any actual pain. The heat from the hand pieces felt during the treatment is perfectly tolerable. This treatment is a nonsurgical procedure without anesthesia – it’s non-invasive and no downtime should be experienced after the treatment. 

How many sessions are needed?

2 sessions are needed per week. 8 sessions for maximum results. 

How long is a session?

The treatment time will vary depending on the treatment area however a full face would usually take 20 minutes.